In a post, she made on her social media page sighted by, the singer who touts herself as Minister Marion Hall said she is yet to be compensated by 50 Cent in his Power Series.

She urged the ‘Candy Shop’ hitmaker to do the right thing and pay her as soon as possible as he is a respected businessman.

“Even with Vitamin C -put a smile on your face’…that song was used by Hershey bar. I was in Jamaica watching it play on all these soap operas. Adam Sandler movie, How Stella Got Her Groove Back… Even just recently they used one of my dirty Lady Saw songs in Power with 50 Cent,” she had further highlighted.

This is why she does not want this particular case with 50 Cent slide without demanding for the appropriate thing to be done. She shared her direct message addressed to the rapper on social media saying;

“I know you got some money for me, for using one of my songs in one of your power episodes. Or you might have given it to someone, who’s been taking my money, and not giving it to me ,cause I haven’t gotten paid for that song , or any other songs that was used in other movie,” she explained to 50 Cent below a recent post on his Instagram page.

“I use to go by the name lady Saw. With all due respect. I need to know who to go to, so I can collect what is mine. I know you’re a respectable business man, and wouldn’t mind if you could produce a movie about my life. Look me up, and see if my story, interest you. I did send you a private massage before, but I know you must have gotten so many messages, that some gets lost in the trash. I hope this one don’t,” she wrote before sharing her email address.