“We sacrificed 7 mẩd people to win the under 20 world cup in 2009”

Joseph Langabel has revealed that he and others made sacrifices in order for Ghana U20 to win the World Cup.

According to Langabel, who has served as a moral leader for the male national teams at all levels,

They were told they could only win if they sacrificed seven mad people.

He stated that, despite the fact that it was a herculean task, the process was completed with the assistance of Zakoko, who speaks Arabic.

They discovered six insane men and a woman who helped them complete the sacrifice process.

“I warned them that the game against Brazil would be difficult because Ghana would receive two red cards.

Ghana eventually won the match and the trophy after defeating Brazil on penalties in Egypt in 2009″- he added

Andre Morgan, Dede Ayew, and Agyemang Badu are among the players.

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