BAR 4-0 ATH: Xavi Talks About Ousmane Dembele’s Contract And Pedri’s Performance After The Game

Xavi Hernandez’s men secured a huge three points tonight and the manager was very happy with the performance from Pedri Gonzalez. He talks about the contract of Ousmane Dembele and the performance from Pedri Gonzalez.



Xavi Hernandez on Ousmane Dembele: Can Dembele Stay? “It’s not my business, I’m not gonna talk about it. It’s up to Ousmane and the club.

“He is very professional and I have always defended him. Today, we saw the Dembele we always want to see.



Xavi Hernandez on Pedri’s performance: “It’s wonderful to see Pedri play, he reminds me a lot of Andres Iniesta, I haven’t seen many talents like that.



Pedri Gonzalez didn’t score, but he is one of the best performers on the pitch. The Spanish midfielder gave everything tonight and the manager was impressed with the performance.

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