3 things Russia has access to that means a lot to the world

(1.) The International Space Station (ISS): The five hundred tons floating object has been primarily managed by Russia and the United States since its launching twenty-five years ago. According to a recent statement by the head of Russia’s Space Agency (Roscosmos), Dmitry Rogozin, the embargo being imposed on Russia can have serious consequences on the ISS.

He also brags that if the US blocked the collaboration, the ISS may go out of orbit and crash, because the orientation control of the ISS into a safe altitude is maintained by a systematic thrust, from contraptions of a Russian freight craft clipped to the International Space Station.

Photo Credit: The Atlantic



(2.) Nuclear Warheads: The country has an assembly of hundreds of this weapon of mass destruction. Only the United States has more nuclear bombs than Moscow. This is why the country remained dreaded in the eyes of many countries. Controlling nuclear weapons means a lot in the 21st century.

(3.) Huge deposit of natural gas: It’s also the biggest supplier of energy in the whole of Europe. None exportation of this commodity by the country can cause inadequacy of energy in the region. The price of the product can also hike in the international market.


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