Russia-Ukraine war: Why I’ll be happy if Chelsea lose Carabao Cup final to Liverpool – Tuchel

Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has said that he would not mind losing the Carabao Cup against Liverpool if that would help Ukraine.

The Blues will be playing their game since Russia invaded Ukraine and after their Russian billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich handed the club over to Charitable Foundation.

Around 90,000 fans are expected at Wembley, to watch the first domestic Cup final of the season, while millions of others will watch from across the world.

But the importance of the fixture pales into insignificance when one considers events in eastern Europe.

“Like, are we allowed to fully engage, fully celebrate? Or would it be inappropriate? This is how I feel about it because it’s so new and fresh. It’s a mixed feeling I have to say,” Tuchel told the press on Saturday ahead of the game against Liverpool.

“I see the point but if you give it a second thought, how does it help now if we lose a football match given the situation that we have a war?

“This is simply not important enough and it will unfortunately not help. If it would, I am happy to lose the match,” he said.


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