Russia threatens two other countries, warns them not to join NATO

According to a news that was published by The Sahara Reporters Newspaper Online yesterday evening, it was reported that Russia, has threatened two other countries from joining NATO, if not, military and political actions will be taken against them.



Information that was given about this new development made it known that, Russia threatened Finland and Sweden, as the information was released by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, who warned the two countries from joining NATO.

She said that, Finland and Sweden, should not base their security on destroying the security of other countries and that, their accession to NATO can have severe consequences, which will come with military and political actions.

According to what the ministry later posted on Twitter, it was made known that Finland and Sweden, have been giving significant military and humanitarian support to Ukraine since Thursday, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

It was also made known that Ukraine, has been adamant about joining NATO but, is now willing to discuss a different status with NATO after some of her citizens were killed by Russian forces.


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