I almost went mad when my wife cheated and got pregnant for another man – Ghanaian man

Ghanaian cosmetologist and divorcee, Claudio Wonder Magis, has recounted the incident that led to him divorcing his wife.

The reality TV star who found love again on Date Rush after a devastating past, said that he went into depression after his ex-wife cheated on him.

According to Claudio, she had also gotten pregnant for the same man she cheated on him with, which worsened the already bad situation.

In his words; “My previous relationship was actually a wonderful marriage which unfortunately an incident happened, and I got depressed. I didn’t know depression was real until it hit me. One day I was waiting at FlatTop. Waiting for a vehicle to knock me down. I started doing substance abuse. Trying to get over things. I nearly ended my life. But some two people were instrumental in my life, and today, I am here.”

According to his friend, Claudio was near-psychotic at the end of the episode. But with the help of his sister and another Claudio has regained his mental stability.

“The trigger was that my partner had an indiscretion and had a pregnancy out of it. That got me depressed. So if it’s you that cheats on me and have another baby, of course, it might trigger me. But I’m perfect now.

“I was a victim in my own home. I gave up on love. My ex-wife cheated and had a pregnancy out of it. Until it hit me, I didn’t know depression was real. One day, I was waiting for a vehicle to knock me down. I nearly ended my life.

Ladies, you might think you are not affecting men with your decisions, but we are affected. We are tough outside yet so weak within.”


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