Yesterday, the controversial journalist announced on social media that somebody she addressed  as “The boy” had died.

The news of the person’s death, she claimed, would not be made known to the public.

Her post reads: “Your boy has DIED OOO!!, They won’t announce yet”.

Some netizens linked her tweet with Hushpuppi since she has been monitoring the case of the Nigerian scammer and has been updating her followers on his court appearances and other events.

In a recent news, Kemi has clarified the matter, indicating that she never mentioned Hushpuppi was deceased in the said post.

Her message, she claims, was merely a social experiment, and she had no intention of pronouncing anyone dead.

She wrote: “Focus I NEVER announced that Hushpuppi was dead. Fake Bloggers wrote that. Knau was dead in a social experiment to teach him a lesson NEVER to declare our president dead. You obviously missed that article. I hate unintelligent people”