“I Wanted To Make A Payment Of 5,700 Dirham Today, They Told Me It Amounts To N920,000” – Janemena


popular Nigerian dancer, Janemena, took to her social media page and lamented about her experience with the transaction she made with Dirham currency.



Janemena said that she wanted to make a payment of 5,700 with the currency of the United Arab Emirates, known as Dirham, and she was told that the 5,700 Dirham will amount to N920,000.



According to Janemena, she said: “I wanted to make a payment of 5,700 Dirham today, they told me it amounts to N920,000 Naija which way”.



Looking at what Janemena said, she believes the exchange rate is high that is why she is complaining that the Nigerian government should do something about it so that the Nigerian currency will have value again.

In my opinion, Dirham is the currency of the United Arab Emirates and it’s said to be among the world’s most stable currencies it should not in any way be compared to Naira because they are more developed than Nigeria.

What is your opinion in this regard?


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