Reasons Why Some Women Cry During Or After Love-Making



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Several women may cry after or during lovemaking. Crying after or during intimacy is perfectly typical. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, some women feel a surge of emotions right after or during lovemaking due to which they tend to cry.

In this article, you will learn that this issue is certainly a common feeling. Science even has a term for it called Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD).

Most women are not familiar with the core cause of these emotions. Here are reasons why you may cry during or after love-making.

1. Pain



Many factors might make you experience pain during love-making which may result in crying. Painful lovemakinv may be due to lack of lubrication, irritation of the genitals and infections.

2. A lack of pre – sex or post-sex cuddling

A cuddling session is needed before or after love-making because cuddling makes one feel needed and it contributes to emotional satisfaction. Not having any physical connection after lovemaking might make you feel neglected and create a sense of vulnerability which ends up making you feel overwhelmed and result in you crying.

3. Being subdued by your body’s response

Strong physical lovemaking pleasure can certainly overwhelm you and makes you cry.

Contrary, you might cry if you are overwhelmed by your body’s lack of reaction.

Furthermore, if you have been looking forward to outstanding lovemaking and you don’t get the ending you desire, you might be demoralized and tense enough to cry.

4. Shame or guilt

Sexual onslaught often leaves behind a continual impression on your psychology. Most times, lovemaking episodes may take you back to that time of trauma. Additionally, your notions about the taboo around intercourse could result in feelings of shame or guilt.

Body image problems are another factors that can lead you to cry.

5. Happiness



So many spans of emotions can arouse crying, and they are not all bad. Possibly you precisely had the best lovemaking ever or you haven’t had intercourse in a while or predicted it for a long time, these feelings can be even more enthusiastic and bring you to tears of joy.

6. Postpartum depression

Women going through postpartum depression, suffer hormonal instabilities. Making love during that period might exhilarate these emotions, ensuing you feeling overwhelmed which could lead to crying after making love. Also, the rate of crying after sex is greater in women during postpartum depression.

Other reasons could be

1. Performance anxiety.

2. Being highly overwhelmed by the lovemaking scenario.


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