Relationship coach and advisor, Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO has returned with her traditional epistle revolving around men and women in a relationship.

Premising her theme on men and their choice of women this time around, the famed content creator said most men prefer to date ‘hungry ladies’ more than independent women because of what they can offer the women.

She argued some men want to be in a relationship that a high percentage of men love broke women because have nothing to offer besides money.

Blessing furthered her posture by saying another reason men love-hungry ladies is that they are easy to control and manipulate.

If women decide not to eat many men’s money, what will you give them??? The only thing many men can give is money, that is why they are finding it so difficult now that women can now feed themselves. Eating a man’s money sometimes is helping him feel wanted. Reject his money and see him feel unwanted.

A lot of men prefer hungry girls because it’s easy to control and manipulate them like puppies…..That is why many will marry hungry women. And cheat with independent women 😀.” she wrote.