Crossdresser Bobrisky has reacted after being mocked and dragged for flying a commercial airplane after bragging about flying a private jet claiming his money is finished.

Bobrisky a few days ago shared a video claiming to be flying a private jet with his workers but yesterday a video of him struggling to fly a commercial airplane surfaced the net and has been mocked and dragged for faking his lifestyle.

He has replied to that claiming his money is finished and that is why he entered the economy of a commercial airplane saying he hopes it makes us happy now that we know the truth about him asking we rest and move to the next one.

Bobrisky has been bragging about being the girlfriend of a billionaire and has money hence we wonder how come her money got finished that he had to fly back a commercial airplane and her boyfriend who owned a private jet couldn’t go and pick her up.

We know Bobrisky very well and he might come up with some excuses just to be able to brag again but then this post of his shows that most of the things he’s been saying are just audio and her supposed rich lifestyle are all fake.

screenshot below;