I Was Happy When My Daughter Died, I Did Not Cry At All.

Maryanne Njambi is a strong lady whose story of lose teaches about acceptance and letting God’s will be done. She lost a twenty year old daughter due to a misdiagnosis that was done when she was fifteen years old.

Maryanne disclosed that her daughter Mobese grew up as a healthy kid till she was fifteen when she started coughing. At first they thought that it was a normal cough because she was given antibiotics at the hospital.

However, the cough didn’t stop even after visiting the hospital several times. More tests had to be done and she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She took drugs for a whole year but she did not recover.

Instead of helping, the drugs damaged her lungs leaving them with holes and a condition that was irreversible. That is when they knew that she had another illness that was not tuberculosis.

The doctors psychologically prepared Maryanne that her daughter was going to die regardless what she did. The medication she got for four years was just to increase the number of days she lived.

That medication also came with severe side effects since they damaged her nerves and the spine until she could not walk. She was suffering so much but was always close to God.

On the day that she lost her life Maryanne and her sister did not sleep the whole night because she was restless. They watched her take her last breath while in her wheelchair but Maryanne did not cry.

She said that she was glad that her daughter was gone because that way she would be relieved from the pain she had gone through for five years. That it was God’s plans for things to turn out that way so she could not complain.

She believes that her daughter is an angel now because she strongly believed in God when she was sick. That during her last days on earth she used to ensure that they had a holy communion every week as a family led by a nun.


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