A guy refused to date me because of the hair on my chest – Lady laments

A lady by the twitter handle Pecunia took to the comment section to lament why a man she almost had something romantic with refused to date her, and it’s because of the natural hair on her chest. Having hair on the body is natural for people, but it’s mostly seen as normal in men due to how they are built, so should a woman develop hair on her body, misconceptions do spring up, especially among the guys.

According to Peculiar, the reason was the craziest reason she’s ever gotten from a guy who would have dated her. In her words, the guy, after seeing the hair, stated that it made her look more like a man than a woman, just like himself. To actually prove that the hair is not anything abnormal as he made it seem, she went on to share the photo of the hair on her chest.



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