Men, You May Not Be Able To Impregnate A Woman If You Keep Doing These 5 Things Excessively

Because just one sperm cell out of millions will reach the egg cell, it is critical for a man to produce enough sperm cells. Although certain men’s lifestyles contribute to infertility issues, many men believe they are not manly enough to father a child. Infertility and a lower probability of getting a woman pregnant can be caused by a man’s unhealthy habits, which we’ll discuss in this article.


The first thing that springs to mind is smoking.

Smoking has been linked to a reduction in sperm count in addition to cancer. Smoking or eating tobacco in any form can have a negative impact on your sperm motility (ability to swim) and DNA quality.


Aside from the risk of infertility, there are a slew of other reasons why men should abstain from alcohol. According to study, in addition to affecting testosterone levels, alcohol also releases toxins into the circulation, which may harm sperm.

The usage of illegal substances comes in third position.

Toxic chemicals, such as alcohol and drugs like cocaine, can reduce and destroy your sperm count. Drug use can reduce your chances of getting pregnant by a third, according to one study’s findings, which is why it’s crucial to avoid it.

Chefing can be caused by underwear that is too tight.

As a result, many men prefer to wear extremely tight boxers or underwear over more traditional underwear that they consider archaic. Your sperm cells are outside your body to keep them in the finest possible condition without the usage of heat. According to study, men who wear tight underwear are less likely to have a high sperm count.

5. Junk food consumption

Excessive weight gain, which is the most noticeable result of a diet high in fast food and other processed foods, has been linked to male infertility. People who consume a lot of junk food are more prone to acquire diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. A healthy diet rich in nutrients, such as vegetables and fruits, is recommended for men who want to increase their sperm count.

Anyone who wants to be a father can start making health decisions right now.

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