PSG VS Real Madrid Is A Proof That UEFA Made A Mistake By Abolishing Away Goal Rule

Paris Saint Germain played defeated a Real Madrid team that deployed a negative tactics all evening by a lone goal. Both teams are well known for their attacking threats due to the attacking talents at their disposal but it is unfortunate that they ended the game 1-0. Would their have been more goals in the match if the ‘away goal rule’ was still in place?


The away goal rule which states that ‘if two teams are tied on the same number of goals at the end of the knockout phase will be the winner. The rule was introduced in 1965 to curb the rate at which away teams play defensively in UEFA organised competition was abolished by UEFA prior to the commencement of this season’s UEFA Champions league.


According to UEFA, the rule was not living to expectation as home teams now prefer to sir back and soak up the pressure because once the away team scores, it is usually devastating to their chances of qualification.

But looking at the match between both teams, Real Madrid came with a tactics to play 0-0 against PSG in Paris but thanks to a 94th minute winner from Kylian Mbappe, their plans failed. Despite parading players like Benzema, Asensio and Vinicius Jr in attack, they were playing too deep while Casemiro was slowing the tempo of the game by doing the dirty job in the midfield.


It is obvious that UEFA shot themselves on the foot by abolishing the ‘away goal rule’ because such occurrence just like we saw between Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid will keep on happening and their by affecting the intensity of the game.

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