Man recounts how his girlfriend made investment for him to be receiving N30-50k allowance when he was broke

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share an interesting story of how a girl he used to date helped him at a point in his life when he was financially handicap.

He revealed that the lady made some investments which enabled him to be receiving N30,000 to N50,000 allowance bi-weekly.

According to the man identified on Twitter as Valar Morghulis, she told him that it was her Valentine’s gift for him after he had bought cake for her despite being broke.

He wrote; ”3 years ago I was in a r/ship with this girl. It was Valentine’s Day, I was broke but I managed to get her a cake and send to her. I wasn’t expecting anything in return tho cos to me everyday with who I was dating was val’s day. 2 weeks after Val’s Day I got a credit alert of 31k from some investment company. I was confused, I didn’t know how manage and of course the first person I shared the news with was my gf.

That was when she opened up to me and told me that she invested some money for me somewhere and that was my Val’s gift. I continued getting credit alert of 30-50k every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.

See gifting someone can come in any form. Adding value to the person you are dating is very priceless. She solved my financial situation for that period of time and nothing can top a gesture like that from a lady.

Some ladies don’t consider the financial situation of their partner, all they care about is what he can buy for her and how much he can spend on her. A lady that has your best interest at heart will try and add some kinda value in your life and not every girl has it in them.”


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