How the APC Cabals’ New Move May Affect Tinubu’s Chance Of Becoming The Party Flag Bearer.

Since the former governor of Lagos, who is also the national leader of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu, declared his intention to become President Muhammadu Buhari’s flag bearer, there has been a wide range of reactions from across the country.

Just like Tinubu, there are many other politicians who have also declared their intention to join the presidential race and are also consulting people to create awareness, which shows that the flag bearer of the APC will be competitive.

However, according to the news that came out some hours ago, the APC cabals are trying a move whose possible outcome may affect Bola Tinubu’s chance of becoming the flag bearer of the party, which has currently caused some argument in the party.

What is the new move of the APC cabals and how may it affect Tinubu’s chances of becoming the party flag bearer?

The APC cabals, led by Mai Buni and others, recently made a move to prevent members of the house of representatives and senators from voting in the primary election that will determine who will be the party’s flag bearer.

If this move is not stopped, it may have a serious effect on Tinubu because, if these APC cabals succeed in their move, there is a high chance that Tinubu might end up losing the party ticket to another politician.

Let us recall that many of the senators and members of the House of Representatives that the cabals want to ban from voting have already endorsed Tinubu, especially in the south-west and some northern lawmakers, which contributed to what is giving Tinubu hope of defeating his fellow competitors in the primary election.


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