Wahala as students discover during class that lecturer used female class rep as his desktop wallpaper

A Kenyan student identified as Prince Raymond has shared what happened during a lecture in school that got his classmates talking non-stop.

He shared a photo and disclosed that they discovered in class that their lecturer used their female course rep as his desktop wallpaper.

According to the guy with Twitter handle @PrinceRaymondke, the lecturer wanted to show the class some notes on his laptop, so he used a projector to display his screen on the wall.

When it came up, they saw their class rep’s photo on the background and this peaked their interest.

He said the lecturer did not immediately know what he did wrong until people started taking photos, recording the screen and giggling in low tones.

Twitter users then asked Raymond what eventually happened after the lecturer realised what was going on. He said the man quickly closed his laptop and told everyone to keep quiet and focus on the class.

Raymond also revealed that when the lecture ended, students hailed and teased the class representative so much that her friends had to immediately take her away from people.


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