Why Your Boyfriends May Never Marry You No Matter How Much You Try – Blessing CEO

Blessing Okoro, Popularly known as Blessing CEO, took to her social media to advise the ladies and also reveal the reason why most relationships do not end in marriage.

Blessing CEO that boys don’t value girls that try to prove that they have the qualities of a good wife, that is why no matter how a girl tries to please her boyfriend she ends up getting hurt. Blessing CEO added that a lot of women have given their boyfriends everything they are supposed to give to the man that will marry them, stressing that after a boy has finished seeing what he wants in a girl, he will no longer have value for her. Blessing CEO, however, advised the ladies not to put in all their ability in relationships, instead, they should give their best ability in marriage.

According to Blessing CEO, she said: “Why your boyfriend may never marry you, is because you are giving your boyfriend wife material. When you give boys what belongs to husbands they don’t value it, they don’t know what to do with it. That is the reason why no matter how much you give your boyfriend, he would always say that you are doing too much.

“Many of you have been in fruitiness relationships with your boyfriends, jumping from one relationship to another it’s not because you are not a good woman or you are not doing something good. A lot of women are beginning to feel that they have a problem, saying that “why can this guy marry me? I have given him my best, I have cooked, I have seen his parents, I have done a lot, why can’t he marry me?”. A lot of women have gone fetish, diabolical because they have given their all. The reason why he is not going to marry you is that you are giving the wife material to a boy and a husband, that is why every time you do it they throw it at your face, that why it looks like you are not trying. When you give the good things to the wrong people they will not value it because they don’t know the value. It’s like giving a child a diamond necklace, the child will just cut it and throw it away.

“That’s what you do. You take these diamonds that are meant for your husbands and give them to boys. A lot of people are going to say that it’s through a relationship that will lead to marriage, (If I don’t show him that I am a wife material how will he know?) You don’t need to show him that you are wife material.

“If a man wants to see that you are a wife material he has to marry you. When you give a man everything you are supposed to him in marriage, what do you want him to long for? Men are visual beings, they are the people that when you give them small, they chase after you. Showing them that you are a wife material is not going to make them marry you, it’s going to make you look desperate”.

In conclusion, Blessing CEO said that ladies should stop showing all their skills to their boyfriends, and they should reserve their wife material until they get married.


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