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Kemi Adetiba, Director Of ‘Wedding Party’ Gets Engaged To Lover In Ghana (Photos)

Nigerian producer and director, Kemi Adetiba has been engaged to her longtime boyfriend in Ghana.

In a detailed Instagram post, the filmmaker, who helmed Wedding Party and King of Boys, revealed her engagement to her fans.

On the 28th of January 2022, Adetiba released some photographs and video from her engagement to her fiancé, Oscar. She also stated in her Instagram post that they are organizing a real-life wedding party.

She wrote: ”We’ve taken some time to privately enjoy this moment and bask in the celebration of it all. However, we’re beginning to understand it might be next to impossible keeping a lid on this for much longer.

After thinking long and hard, we ultimately would love for this announcement to be on our own terms and molded in our own true narrative. Plus, you all here have followed my journey from the start and lovingly root for me – Now if that isn’t FAMILY, I don’t know what is 🙂

So dear FAMILY, on the 28th of January in Ghana, delivered as a beautiful surprise and expression of love, and in the presence of some close friends and family, @oscarhemanackah asked that we spend the rest of our lives together, and I wholeheartedly said YES… without a single reservation.

I would like to add here, that every single friend or member of my family that conspired in this surprise proposal, should just be on the look out for my retaliation… Cos it’ll be merciless!! 😏

Oscar and I shall share only as much of us as we’re comfortable with. No more.. No less. We hope you will respect this, and bear with us in this regard.

Thank you for the overwhelming love and kindness you will undoubtedly show us as we count down to more festivities and the rest of our lives together. There’s not an ounce of anxiety in this place.

Oh… And before you say it… Yeeeeeesss, he knows he’s a very VERY lucky man 😝 but the beautiful thing about our connection and journey so far… Is that I know I’m a supremely lucky woman too.

See photos:


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