Meet The Man Who Killed Muammar Gaddafi And What Happend To Him One Month Later

Gaddafi was certainly not killed for humanitarian reasons. He wanted to empower Africa. He had a plan to create a new African Union, based on a new African economic system. He wanted to introduce the Gold Dinar to back African currencies, so they could become free from the dollar. He wanted to protect Africa’s vast natural resources from Western looting. The imperialists eliminated him.

Omran Shaaban, a young man, came out plainly to claim responsibility for shooting Gaddafi and killing him on the spot. Omran Shaaban was a member of a rebel militia group that had long sought to depose Gaddafi with the help of the US and France. In an interview, he admitted it and became the darling of international media interviews.

In fact, the events that transpired following Gaddafi’s demise were much more shocking than his own death. As the longest-serving head of state in history, he was given one of the most depraved and disgusting graveside ceremonies in history. In the desert, he was buried, and only members of his family were allowed to witness his mutilated corpse.

Following many gunshot wounds, he bled to death and succumbed to his injuries. There were several accounts of what transpired before, during, and after his death from a variety of persons. Because he was one of the most sought-after leaders, many individuals wanted to be associated with his killing, and numerous groups claimed to be personally involved.

Barack Obama has said the biggest mistake of his presidency was the lack of planning for the aftermath of Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster in Libya that left the country spiralling into chaos and coming under threat from violent extremists.

One of the assassins, Omran Shaaban, came out to claim responsibility for Gaddafi’s death by shooting him. Rebel militia Omran Shaaban has been fighting Gaddafi’s regime for years with the aid of the United States and France. As a result, he quickly became a media sensation throughout the world.

He claimed to have found Gaddafi in the tunnel and dragged him out quickly since his security had fled in all directions to save their lives. Omran was just 21 years old at the time, and he became an instant sensation because to this courageous move. When it came to Omran, he had no notion that the fame he was gaining may be the death sentence he needed.

When Gaddafi was assassinated, Omran was obliged to pay with his own life.He was kidnapped by a band of strangers and transported to a secret location where he was subjected to agonizing torture. It was widely assumed that his experience was directly linked to the demise of Gaddafi. His captor’s identity remains a mystery to this day.

But many have believed that this may be someone close to Gaddafi and that his public confession was putting his life in peril. Before he was shot, he had been tortured for a long period of time, leaving him half-dead.

A few minutes after arriving at the hospital, he declared his death to those who found him comatose. No matter how well-known he had become or how many people showed up to his burial because of his notoriety, his death was in vain.

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