BUR 1-1 MNU: 2 Wrong Decisions Taken Against Manchester United In Mid Week EPL Match Against Burnley

Another controversial decisions by the VAR and Referee against Manchester United in the mid week EPL Match. The decisions that went against Manchester United have been heavily criticised.


It was an entertaining match between the two teams but Manchester United were more convincing in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Paul Pogba started his first Premier League game under Ralf Rangnick this season. The French international returned to the first team after several months of injury.

Pogba started the game alongside Bruno Fernandes and MacTominay in the midfield. United started the game with higher intensity before scoring the first goal that was canceled in the 12 minutes of the game.

The Referee and VAR decision to cancel Rapheal Varane’s goal could be tagged as one of the worst decision against Manchester United this season because it was a clear goal from the former Real Madrid defender.



The goal should have counted because Varane was not in an offside position before scoring the goal. According to reports, the Referee canceled the goal because of Harry Maguire’s offside position.

According to the laws of the game, the goal should have been counted because Maguire did not make an attempt to play the ball before Varane scored the goal.



Paul Pogba gave Manchester United the lead in the 18th minutes of the game after converting a brilliant assist from Luke Shaw.



The French international was outstanding from the beginning of the match to the end of the game.

Another controversial decision that went against Manchester United was the goal that was canceled by the Assistant Referee.

The Assistant Referee raised the flag for a foul by Paul Pogba after United celebrated the own goal.



The goal should have counted because Football is a game of contact and there is no way there won’t be a contract between Pogba and the Burnley defender in that area.

Burnley scored the equalizing goal through Rodriguez in the 47th minutes of the second half. It was a brilliant goal from the Burnley striker who converted a brilliant assist from Wout.


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