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The Best Type Of Wife Is Not A Praying Wife – Reno Omokri To Those Who Think A Praying Wife Is The Best

Reno Omokri has made those of us with the notion that a prayerful wife is the best wife understand that a woman being prayerful isn’t the best type of wife.

Most men usually think when you meet a prayerful woman she’s going to be the best wife you’ve been looking for without checking some other petty things and Reno Omokri has drawn our attention to the fact that a prayerful wife isn’t the best wife.

According to him, the best type of wife isn’t a praying wife but rather a wife who can pray, slay, and stay asking why have 33% when you can have the full 100% of a woman who is the best type of wife.

Reno Omokri then added that even if you must get 33%, it’s better to choose a woman that can slay because you can teach her how to pray but when it comes to beauty, you either have it or not

To Reno Omokri, it’s best to have a woman who is beautiful and slays and can stay as a wife since you can teach her how to become a prayerful wife and not go in for a prayerful woman who can’t slay and that is what sometimes pushes some men into having side chicks.

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