My husband keeps running away from me in the bedroom, lady explains



Marriage has never been easy for many people. A lady called forward Mamazala Show to help her restore back her marriage. She revealed information most women have been crying about on social media spaces. Lady revealed that her husband keeps running away from her when it is time to share blankets.


She revealed that the man she got married to, told her that the Sangoma he visited told him to never sleep with his wife, when there are younger chickens around their yard. Lady explained that her husband grows chickens for resell and now when she asks him to visit her in the bedroom. Man always reminds her of chickens he always order every after two weeks.


” We no longer have time as husband and wife” she said. It is as though he got married to his chickens, my husband gives me excuses everyday I have now lost faith lady explains to Mamazala. Before getting married know the partner you are with, some people change in the long run.


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