My Hubby Vowed to Make Me Wealthy When I Let Him Transmit HIV to Me, and he did, a Lady Claims

“My hubby vowed to make me wealthy when I let him transmit me with HIV, and he did,” a lady claims.

Susan Njeri, a lady, has now spoken out about her prior partner with her spouse, which nearly ended in her death owing to her hubby’s unfaithful conduct.

As shown in the female’s news stories, she was delighted because her hubby was a very rich person who, at first, was nurturing and would start giving her that anywhere she wanted, and as a result, she felt as though she was about to be some of the best moments of her life in marriage, especially after they have been blessed with several children.



Events would eventually evolve to the point that he began cheating on her with a percentage of women which he would bring to her marriage bed for various reasons, after which he supposedly afflicted her with a STI which was fortunately cured in one of Nairobi’s institutions.

This would worsen once the guy’s death occurs, giving all of her fortune to him, and as a result, the man who knew he had HIV from committing adultery vowed to make her wealthy if she slept with him without protection, allowing the two of them to contract the virus.


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