Actress Destiny Etiko has sent a quick PSA to her suitors making them understand that to her love is sweets only when money enters but love without money is not her thing.

Destiny Etiko is one of the best actresses in Nigeria and she’s very hardworking but then when it comes to love without money, she isn’t there as to her love is only sweet when money enters therefore anyone interested in her should note this.

Destiny Etiko shared a video showing us how she reacts when she tastes love without money saying love is sweet but then when money enters it makes love sweeter which gives her suitors a heads-up of what to expect from her if they approach her.

This might be a joke for Destiny Etiko but some people have taken it seriously reading the meaning that she loves money into it and that’s why she reacts badly when she tastes love without money in the video she shared.

No woman would want to be in a relationship where the guy can’t support her one way or the other and it’s all about money hence Destiny Etiko saying love is sweeter when money enters isn’t wrong as most women show their true colors when the money gets finished.

video below;