Female Relationship Expert Reveals 5 Ways Men Can Avoid Giving A Woman Money

Jessica Saforo, a female relationship expert has revealed how men can avoid giving a woman money In a thirteen minutes video on YouTube. She started by saying that giving out money is a financial decision and not an emotional decision. According to her, a relationship is about to give and take, and there would be a time a man would expect the woman to be financially independent because men do not like financial stress.

The first point she stated is that men should stop the ostentatious display of wealth to a woman. Some men do make a splurge by letting a woman know how capable they are financial. By displaying your wealth to her, you are sending a wrong signal to her, as she would take the relationship for granted, and make it all about money. At the beginning of the relationship, do not reveal your financial status to her.

Secondly, men should suggest alternative ways for a woman to generate their source of income. Do not give a woman fish, but teach her how to catch her own. According to her, some women do take a man’s kindness for weakness.

Furthermore, she said if a woman asks for money, the man should tell her to give him about twenty-four hours to think about it. Within that period, the man would be able to think if she needs the money, or it is just a frivolous request.

The fourth point is that men should offer help in different ways, by giving alternatives. She used an example where a woman needs money from a man to get her hair done. Instead of complying with her request, men can render assistance by taking the woman to the salon and saving her the cost of transportation.

Lastly, if a woman’s need is urgent, men should tell them to sell their items to get them. Jessica gave an example where a woman owns the latest iPhone. If the iPhone is sold, she can get a phone at a lesser price, would be able to get her hair done, and still have money in excess.

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