Female Relationship Expert Gives 3 Reasons A Man Should Never Chase Women

A female relationship expert has given some reasons a man should never chase women. In the YouTube video, which was about nine minutes long, the woman whose name is Jessica Saforo spoke in her own opinion about when a man chases women.



The first reason is that it diverts your attention from things that truly matters, which is the man himself. She said a man should be someone who has dreams, and now is the time to fulfill those dreams. If a man chases women than his dreams, he would later realize how his time had been wasted. However, if a man focuses on his dreams and achieved them, it is ladies that would be chasing him. She ended the first reason by saying “Don’t Chase Women, Chase Your Dreams”.


Photo Credit: Twitter/ Jessica Os

The second reason is the man would be seen as desperate¬†and pathetic, especially when the feeling is not mutual. As a man, if you are interested in a woman and she says “NO”, stop chasing her. If you eventually force her to accept you then it would later turn out to be a waste of time, energy, and money. She gave an example of how a guy who she isn’t interested in was chasing her, but she declined due to how she feels disgusted whenever he is around her.


Photo Credit: Jessica Os

The third reason is if you chase a woman, and you eventually got her, you would chase her for the rest of your life. You would have to work harder to maintain the attention she is giving you. As am you can make your intentions known, and be available when need be, but never chase a woman. She gave an example that if a lady is a type that is been chased by many men, but you aren’t like them, she would be interested in you because her curiosity would be picked.

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