Without money, it’s hard to find money – Erigga says

Popular Warri-based rapper, Erigga, born Erhiga Agarivbie has hinted that making money requires being financially stable.

According to the artiste, it is difficult for one to find money if he or she shoes not have money in their possession.

He stated this in a post via his Twitter account and by extension sparked a debate online.

Erigga tweeted; ”Without money, it’s hard to find money”

@615kingdavid; So how did rich people who had no money end up with so much money? If it were true, there wouldn’t be such quotes like “grass to grace” or “started from the bottom now I’m here” Having the right OT and hanging around the right people is what brings wealth

@UceeJustice; Try and read something before you open your mouth waaaa!! To talk rubbish

He didn’t say you won’t have money without money. He said making money without having money is hard

@kelvndaboss; This is one truth that most people shy away from. I mean, how do you start that business without money? How do you learn that skill without money?

Those who are lucky or opportuned will feel every oda person is lazy. “go and hustle” Which hustle doesn’t require money?

@dannyfwesh; One thing is not to have money the other is do you have a plan and the creativity that will make you money to make more money just saying Man shrugging you might not have the money now but don’t you ever fail to have a plan on how to make the money

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