Instead Of Throwing Plantain Peels Away, Here Is What You Can Use It For.

Plantains belongs to the genus Musa, a group of plants which additionally includes banana. They are a significant staple in Central and West Africa and the Caribbean Islands. Also, they are starcher and lower in sugar than their bananas, with varieties of health benefits and are consistently used both in cooking and making skincare items.

Plantain peels are regarded as a waste products of plantain which are normally thrown away.


But today, we will look at the benefits or what plantain peels can be used for

Plantain peel comes with diverse health benefits, both internal or external which makes it an important ingredient to add in your skincare system because it is extremely high in allantoin, vitamin A, linoleic acid, apigenin, aucubin, tannin, baicalein, oleanolic acid, aucubin and sorbitol, which all aid in wound recovery, have skin-softening effects and also speed up cells regeneration.


Also, it can as well be used in treating skin diseases and deformities, like skin inflammation and allergies, and wrinkles, and can also help lessen scars.


One method of removing wrinkles is by rubbing plantain peels against your skin because of its capacities to fix and tone the skin. Notwithstanding, using natural products which contain plantain peel extract, will be much easier, more convenient, and not messy and also not time consuming.

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