How God Subtracted 10 Years From A Woman’s Age So That She Can Give Birth – Pastor E.A. Adeboye

There is nothing impossible for God to do if you believe in him. He has done great things in the past and he’s willing to do more if you trust in him. However, Pastor Adeboye told the story of how God subtracted 10 years from a woman’s age so that she can give birth.


He revealed that they were having a Holy Ghost Service in London and there was an elderly woman who came to visit her sister’s children in London. That day, the word of the Lord came that He has subtracted 10 years from someone’s age and the woman said it was her. She turned to her sisters and said “don’t call me aunty anymore, I am younger than you now”.


He said that a few minutes later another word came that there was someone there who had passed the age of childbearing without having a child, the Lord asked him to tell her that by the next year she will surprise the doctors. The woman said ‘it is me again. She had not menstruated for years, that day she began to menstruate and a year later she brought her child

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