Women Don’t Always Have To Be Below Their Husband During Sekz – Funke Adejumo

Pastor Funke Adejumo spoke to couples in the church about how they can enjoy a happy marriage. Men have their own duty to do while women also have theirs. It needs to be balanced.



While talking about things that men should do to their wives, she advised them to permit their wives to be successful. She asked men to give their wives permission to do whatever she’s good at and they should not always exercise lordship unnecessarily. She didn’t turn that attention to the woman and urge them to honor their husband when he permits them to do what they want to do.



She further advised them to respect, honour, and adore their husbands. “Don’t always allow a third party in your arguments. Let your bedroom be your courtroom,” she said. According to her, it Is a sign of immaturity to use sex as a weapon. Women don’t always have to give flimsy excuses when their husbands want to make love to them. She then urged couples to bring varieties to their sex lives. She said that women do not always have to be below their husbands every time during intimacy.


“You don’t always have to go for the missionary trip. Bring some fun to your marriage,” she said. According to her, if you need to check into the hotel sometimes, go ahead and do it. Some people’s sex life is also bad because they do not exercise. She said that she wakes up every morning and jumps up 11 times just to keep her heart fit.


Finally, she told the women that the size of their tummy should be the same as the size of their necks. That is how to be healthy. Everybody cannot be slim but you must be fit. According to her, there is research that says that if you sit down for 30 minutes without standing you cut your life short by 10 years.

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