Whilst delivering a sermon in church, Evangelist Mummy G.O claimed the voice behind the ‘Big Brother’ that we hear on television but cannot see is the voice of Lucifer.

According to her, they don’t want people to see the face of Lucifer that it why they only use his voice and how the activities of people in the house are being monitored by Big Brother is a sign of the anti-Christ.

She cautioned her congregation against Big Brother Naija show because the voice is not a human being but the devil.

In the video, she said:

“Excuse me, all of you that watch Big Brother Naija, who is Big Brother? Lucifer. Throughout that program, you will never see his face. Have they ever shown the face of Big Brother before?

They won’t show his face and he will be talking to them, telling them; I am watching you. They make us to believe that they set cameras everywhere. This is how the whole world will leave under the kingdom of anti-Christ.”

Watch the video below,