Ladies, Here Are Some Lovely Tips For Choosing The Right Jeans(Photos)

Jeans are a wardrobe essential that will never go out of style. They’re casual, comfy, and can be easily fitted into a wide range of ensembles. However, jeans are sometimes one of the most difficult clothing items to find. Finding the most comfortable jeans that precisely suit your particular body shape and allow you to feel secure can be a challenging and intimidating task.

Fortunately, there are several ways to ease the process of shopping for jeans. Below are tips on how to pick the right jeans.

1. Don’t Rely on Trend: The fact that a certain type of jeans is currently one of the most popular fashion trends in jeans does not necessarily imply that those are the jeans you should purchase. Just because a pair of jeans is popular right now doesn’t imply it will look well on you.


Some women look fantastic in trendy jeans, while others simply do not. Don’t let the latest passing fashion trend define which pair of jeans you should buy. Instead, disregard fashion trends and go for jeans that flatter your figure, rather than those seen on models in magazines.

2. Remember Jeans Stretch: Jeans are made out of denim, and denim is a very stretchy fabric. When you first try on a pair of jeans in the store, they might feel slightly tight and uncomfortable, which can naturally tempt you to purchase a larger size.

However, sizing up when a new pair of jeans feels uncomfortably tight in the fitting room is not necessarily always the best choice. Once you get the jeans home and wear them all day, they’ll stretch out and likely get unattractively baggy. Opt for the slightly tighter pair of jeans and trust that they’ll stretch to fit your skin.


3. Find the Right: There’s a simple trick for finding jeans with a waistband that fits you perfectly and won’t bother you by being too loose or too tight after you buy the jeans.

You should never be able to slide your entire hand into the back of the waistband of your jeans. If you can, this means that the waistband is too loose and can look baggy or make your waist look wider. However, you should be able to fit one or two fingers down the back of your waistband without a struggle. If you can’t, then the waistband is too tight and will likely make you feel uncomfortable.


4. Consider the Crotch: The crotch area of your jeans will stretch just like the rest of the denim fabric. When you first buy a pair of jeans, you should never be able to easily grab loose fabric in the crotch area.

The crotch area of your jeans should fit tightly and snugly against your skin when you first buy a pair of jeans; it will stretch to a more comfortable fit after you wear the jeans for a while.

5. Pick Boot cut or High-Waisted if You’re Curvy: If you have a curvy figure, opt for high-waisted jeans if you want to go for a trendy skinny jean style. The higher waist of the jeans can help create the illusion of smaller hips and longer legs.


6. Try Extra Flair to Add Shape: A big problem many women have when buying jeans is feeling like their body looks shapeless and flat in their jeans. If you have a figure that doesn’t have many curves for your jeans to fit, try buying a pair of jeans with extra flair to create the illusion of a more shapely figure that fills out your jeans better.

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