Kanayo was very displeased by the set of movie shoot where they were filming in a hospital and he bemoaned the lack of willingness of Nollywood players to grow and do things more professional.

According to him, in a video sighted by Ghgossip.com, a cripple playing the role of a cripple in a movie is not allowed and it’s unprofessional.

He urged the film crew to grow and move beyond what they currently do and change the status quo.

He said:

“This is not good guys for Nollywood. This is not good that we shoot hospital scenes in real hospital. I think by now Nollywood should have gone beyond this. What constitutes a doctor’s office? This or this or the bed here, is that what Nollywood cannot provide for?

Gentlemen this is not growth, we are just at a point where we need to go forward, we need to build sense. But I think the challenge is, some people are beefing one another in Nollywood. If you build yourself some people are afraid nobody adheres. Let’s go beyond this.

This is like a cripple (handicapped) playing a cripple role in movie, it’s not allowed, it’s unprofessional and Nollywood must go beyond this.”

Watch the video below;