Lukaku’s poor performance at Chelsea is due to the absence of these 2 key players

Chelsea is in the third position of the Premier League season and they have played a good number of matches with just 13 games won, 8 draws, and 3 lost. The Blues are working hard to see that they return to winning ways before the 2021/22 season ends.

Some Chelsea players have underperformed this season including one of their top players, Romelu Lukaku. Romelu Lukaku joined Chelsea on 12th August 2021 and his squad number is 9, in the Premier League season this season, he has played 10 matches with 10 shots on target from a total of 17 shots and he has scored 5 goals. He averages 13 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 73% with 0 assists.


In the Champions League this season, Romelu Lukaku has played 4 matches with 3 shots on target from a total of 8 shots and he has scored just 2 UCL goals for Chelsea. This season, Lukaku averages 14 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 79% with 0 assists.

The last match Romelu Lukaku played for Chelsea was against Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League, although Chelsea won the match. His recent form at Chelsea shows that he has missed the duo of Ben Chilwell and Reece James. Ben Chilwell and Reece James are two Chelsea full-backs who are missing in action due to injuries, and their absence has cost Chelsea a lot of damages both in the defensive line and in the attacking third.

Their absence has affected Lukaku more since he now struggles to score goals in any European match that Chelsea is playing. As we all know, Chilwell and James are good players when it comes to the defensive and is always ready to function when needed in the forward line.

Chilwell and James are the two most important players in Thomas Tuchel’s starting XI and their absence has affected both the Blues and Lukaku. These two players are probably the most important in Chelsea’s squad and I think Lukaku needs them to get back to winning ways again for the Blues.


Ben Chilwell has been ruled out for the entire season while Reece James might return in March if he recovers from injury on time. I think Lukaku also works hard to see that he gives his best before the end of the season because Thomas Tuchel will need him to be among his players that will score fine goals starting in February as they will be involved in as many as four cup competitions.

Romelu Lukaku needs to rise and play like he did when he was at Inter Milan before coming to Stanford Bridge.


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