Ladies, Here Are 5 Short Dress Styles To Try (Photos)

What makes a dress short? If you ask three different people, you’re likely to get three different answers. Is a midi dress a short dress? How about other in-between lengths, like tea-length dresses? To make it easy, in fashion terms, a short dress is at or above the knee. Inside that definition, there are lots of different short dress styles to play around with.

1. Bandage dress: Though you can find long bandage dress styles, typically the bandage dress is a knee length dress or shorter. This style was created years back as a figure-hugging, form-flattering design that looks like thick tape wrapped around the body. This is why the dress is called a bandage dress.

2. Blazer dress: The blazer dress looks like a long blazer, which makes it a cute short dress. Blazer dress styles are often mini dresses, which makes them very short indeed. This is a super cute casual look. Wear it with sneakers during the day or slip into heels for a great evening look.


3. Bodycon: The bodycon dress, is form-fitting all over. It hugs the body everywhere and ends right at or just above the knee in most designs. Body con dresses can be made in any fabric and they’re made with a variety of different neckline and sleeve types.

4. Cocktail Dress: Many different types of dresses can be considered cocktail dresses. The classic little black dress is often styled to be a cocktail dress. A cocktail dress is any short dress that is appropriate as a semi-formal dress, which makes it perfect for many different occasions. The short skirt creates a bit of a sexy look, which makes this a perfect dress for date night.


5. Slip Dress: Slip dress styles actually do look like slips, the lightweight garment you wear under a dress. Slip dresses are often made in satin, silk or a similar lightweight material. Slip dresses usually have spaghetti strap bodices instead of sleeves and end somewhere above the knee. They are often embellished with lace trim and typically fit somewhat loosely but still sit close to the body.

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