A social media user has claimed that some side chicks are not just side chicks but rather deputy wives. A social media user has claimed that some side chicks are not just side chicks but rather deputy wives.

According to him, these ladies are so powerful to the extent that they take some marriage decisions in the marriages of the men they are dating.

He made this bold claim in a recent post he made on his personal social media handle on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

The post he made reads;

“Most married men have a side chick that they sleep with raw. She’s more of an unofficial deputy wife. This side chick is so powerful that she makes some decisions in their marriages.”


Some reactions the post got are;

Bongée Cele – Agreed …my uncle had a wife and the “main chick”. He bought a house for the side main chick and they have a son(my age) together. I knew about this coz I stayed with my uncle and his wife when I was a child. He’d take me to the sidechick’s place, leaving his wife home and then he’d bribe me not to mention it to Mom(his sister), family & wife. You are the first people I’m telling about this 😂😂😂 but my family and his wife did find out after he passed on coz their son was on the will.

Vuyiswa Prudence – She just doesn’t become powerful on her own , Shes given power by the husband

Mamiey Rodgers Xilumani-Ngwenya – And some married women are treated like side chicks in their marriage, actually what is marriage if someone is gonna ill treat you and disrespect you??? Why don’t you disrespect me from my own personal home, you can’t marry me and take me out of my home into a place that’s suppose to bring me peace and do me dirty bruh??? What’s marriage vele?

Winnie Mawinza Joni – Yes my cousin was that side chick always deciding and planing everything until she was main chick,she had 2 boys for the guy.. they decided to get married bought the rings and stuff..on the day before their wedding some family came to claim their daughter’s pregnancy, the guy ran away return 2 days later to the girl he impregnated he lived there without my cousin’s knowledge, that girl became main chick my cousin was back to being a side after the girl gave birth 4 months after they got married at home affairs my cousin was hospitalized even now she’s still on meds, the other she made me laugh when she said she was gonna befriend the ex wife so that they can muur the current wife