A video of extremely rich person Aliko Dangote moving delicately and tenderly hit the net and the response from netizens is only amusing as some appeal to become tycoons and dance like him while others giggle saying just needy individuals stress themselves on the dance floor.

For the most part, it is believed billionaires don’t have the foggiest idea of how to move simply to appease themselves with the case that they will be tycoons some time or another yet this video of Aliko Dangote has changed that notion.

Aliko Dangote is very wealthy but knows how to move his steps according to the rhythm of the song and it’s clear that there are some extremely rich who can dance just that they don’t force themselves to sweat a lot as poor people do.

Reacting to the video, @bankyrich wrote; “No wonder I never rich cus energy wa I suppose use make money I the use am dance for party 😂😂😂. Make una the update me on time 😢 new dance step loading this year na my year

greatdamy wrote; “Nah this Billionaire dance step I wan learn now. No be the ones wey all these boiz Dey dance up and down 😂

damolax wrote; “😂😂😂see as dem Dey dance with no stress , but we wey no get money we go Dey dance like sey we wan break body 😭😭”

video below;

See screenshots below;