According to the young lady’s account, her boyfriend met the spiritual wife while seeking good fortune through a fortune teller on Facebook.

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Something strange happened last nyt I woke in the middle of the night n saw my fiancé twisting n whining his waist just as having sxx, I tapped him for almost 10mins he was still doing that all of a sudden he woke up n I asked him what he was doing, he said he is making love to his spiritual wife, then I asked him what kind of spiritual wife like how, he said she comes twice every month for sxx but unfortunately i happened to be around.) told him we should go n see a man of God the next morning he told me he enjoys her sxx more than any physical sxx he has had with any lady.

he had cum over his boxers. I asked since when he said he came in contact with her through those people on Facebook who read tarot cards, it was a whyte lady who give her some directions to do so that a guardian angel will guide him n bring good luck n Favour after he did that direction that night the lady came to sleep with him n got married to him. Am so confused pls i need advice.”