I’m tired of maintaining my beauty. My eyebrows take 1 hour to grow back – Jane Mena cries out

Popular Instagram dancer Jane Mena used her Instagram story to reveal a body challenge she’s been dealing with, which also confirmed people’s assumptions about why she doesn’t shave her brows because they’re always visible in photos and videos she uploads. Her career as a celebrity keeps her in the eyes of many people almost all the time, and as such, there are some little things that people expect to see about her, no matter how minor they may be, due to the fact that many people may perhaps have her as their role model or idol.

However, Jane Mena replied to an alleged question that she does not shave her eyebrows with an answer that she thinks they are perfect. Additionally, she stated further that her eyebrows take at least one hour to grow back, even after she may have shaved them, and with the emoji she dropped, further confirmed that she’s tired of it already.

The beautiful dancer also revealed how tired she is of always maintaining her beauty, and to make it seem like a joke, she said, “I’m tired of maintaining beauty.” Let beauty maintain me also.”


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