3 Things You Should Do For Your Wife On Your Wedding Night.

Wedding nights for the ladies are usually the best nights of their life and as the man she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with, there are certain things you should do for her in order to assure her that she did not make the wrong choice by choosing you.

Those things that you should do for your wife on your wedding night will be exclusively detailed in this article, just try and read this article with an open mind.

However, you should not do what is beyond your capability because since she has chosen to marry you, it means she has accepted you into her heart wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, you should not also take her for granted because she is a jewel to be cherished, loved, and protected.


One thing you should endeavor to do is to erase the thought of saying that you have married her and that she is now your wife, so you are now free to do whatsoever you feel like doing, do not think like that please.

So, below are the things you should do for your newly wedded wife on your wedding night.


The most important thing you should do for your wife on your wedding night is to hand over her life to God.

Call her into your private chamber, get on your knees with her and hand over the affairs of the marriage to God. Show her that God is the ultimate and your family will prosper accordingly if you make God your corner stone.



This will assure her that you mean well for her and that the vows you took is from your heart.


Secondly, do not be carried away by the joy and happiness of being a married man.

You should stay with her all through the night, gist and catch fun with her. You know she is leaving her family which she has spent many years with and has promised to follow you, make her feel welcomed and at home so she will not shed tears.

Make her know that she is also at her home and can also feel relaxed.




Also, you should endeavor that after all the dancing and cheers during the ceremony that she gets enough rest.

Ensure she eat enough food and sleep peacefully. Do not rush her into any marital responsibility so that she will not wish that she made the wrong decision to spend the rest of her life with you.

Allow her take her time and do not rush her into some certain things.


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