Reasons Why Male Organ Get Stuck Inside Female Organ During Intercourse And Ways To Treat It



You might have heard cases of the male organ being stuck in the female organ during intercourse but have you ever wondered what causes it? This condition is referred to as male organ captivus. It allegedly arises when a male organ becomes stuck in a female organ during intercourse. Although, research has shown that only a few cases of this condition have been recorded.

Another condition that can cause this is called vaginismus. This is a condition in which the female organ involuntarily closes due to muscle spasms in the pelvic floor. Research has shown that the effect of male organ captivus is likely very temporary. If both partners relax and give it some time, the muscles should relax thereby allowing the couple to separate.

How can it occur?

When in the mood for intimacy, the male organ is filled with blood and becomes hard on in preparation for intercourse. For females, the walls of the female organ relax and the vulva lubricates in preparation for intimacy. During intercourse, the contractions that occur can be very strong, and they are sometimes stronger than usual. In some rare cases, the female organ may contract with enough force and this could make it hard for the partners to separate.



What to do if it occurs

If couples begin to experience this, they should try to stay calm. Added stress can lead to more muscular tension, which can make the phenomenon last longer. If this phenomenon does occur, it will likely only last for a moment before the male and female organs relax. All couples should take note of this in case it occurs.


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