“I Like My Man Being In Charge And In Control, I Can Never Marry A Younger Lover – Omalicha Elom

Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom, has stated that she can never get married to a younger lover although she wishes to get married someday.

In a new interview , she stated her needs and how it might be difficult for a younger lover to fulfill those needs.She went further to say that a younger lover can not please her sexually because she might feel insulted and irritating.

Going further, she said she can not be with an old man either.

She said, “I wish to get married this year. But I can never marry a young lover. I like older guys; three to five years older than me.

“I like my man being in charge and in control. I can’t be submissive to a younger lover; I’m too strong-headed. So, I like a man that will sometimes say ‘no’ to my bad habits and excess spending.

“I can’t stand the thoughts of an old man even hugging me, no matter how rich he is. My man must be wealthy, respectful and must be good in bed.”

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