Here Are 3 Reasons Ethiopia Was The Only African That Was Not Colonized



The history of Ethiopia is a rich one. It was a modern and advanced country and had a formidable military, which helped it maintain its independence against many invaders. In the course of this article, we will be looking at why Ethiopia remained the only African country that was not colonized.

3 Reasons Ethiopia was not colonized

Europe and Islam had their reasons for preventing the colonization of Ethiopia. It was a Christian Empire, and fit in with the Western European idea of a respectable nation.

It is important to understand why Ethiopia wasn’t colonized.

First Reason: In the first place, it was a Christian nation that fit the Western European model of a respectable nation.




Second Reason: The second reason why Ethiopia was not colonized is that Ethiopia’s people fought the Europeans and were able to resist the colonizers. In the sixteenth century, the Kingdom of Axum sent warriors to fight with the Crusaders. This was a successful and noble act. The emperor even proposed to the queen of England. Furthermore, the language of Ethiopians was Ahamaric, which facilitated unity and solidarity amongst its inhabitants.

The third reason: The third reason was that Ethiopia was a mountainous country that was too difficult to conquer.



The Ethiopian Empire remained an independent nation that successfully managed the politics of its time. It was surrounded by European colonial powers, and its king was a pro-European who played off the Europeans, preventing the imperial powers from invading it. While the British had their intentions, the king did not want to be dominated by these foreign nations.

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