The lovely dj had tolerated enough of the pervert and wanted to let the public know about it by blowing the whistle on him.

When Uncle Waffles stated that she was promised as much as half a million Rands (about 204,696 Ghanaian Cedi) by a Nigerian man who only wanted her in his bed for a night, social media fans couldn’t comprehend her story.
The lady, on the other hand, revealed that she turned down the offer and chose to expose the man when he persisted.

This information was revealed in a video that went viral on Twitter.

A podcast and chill by Ghost Lady on Channel O Show with Sol Phenduka and Macgyver talked about the video.

Uncle Waffles observed that all the man wanted to do with her was sleep with her and later dump her, but she refused.
Uncle Waffles was set to be one of the numerous celebrities spanked by a wealthy men, but she stayed firm and protected her trademark from public humiliation.

Known as one of South Africa’s prettiest female disc jockeys, it’s understandable that most guys, especially the wealthy and powerful, would want to be in her trousers, but she rejected an offer of 500,000 Rands.