2023: Here Are 4 Things Osinbajo Should Consider Before Declaring His Intention To Run For President

There are rumours that the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo may likely contest for president come 2023. His supporters from different parts of the country have been campaigning all over the country for the Vice President.

Osinbajo is yet to come out to make his intentions known to the public, but one can deduce from his silence that he may be planning to succeed Buhari.

But, before his intentions are made known, the Vice President should put some things into consideration.

1. His acceptability. This is the first thing Osinbajo should weigh before declaring his ambition. How acceptable is he to the people. This is very important because the people you want to lead must accept you. It is important that the VP looks at all options before venturing into the raise.

2. Where will he get funds to run his campaigns. Nigeria is a very big country. It takes a lot of money to campaign in all the 36 states of the federation including the FCT. Osinbajo must look at what it will take him to run a successful campaign all over the country giving Nigerians any bad impression.

3. Another very important thing the Osinbajo should consider is Ahmed Tinubu. Will he be willing to contest against his boss? It is no longer news that Tinubu will run for president in 2023, his declaration could be one of the reasons Osinbajo has not said anything about his own ambition. Since Tinubu’s declaration, Osinbajo has not said anything yet. But, knowing where he comes from, one question that begs for answer is whether Osinbajo will be willing to go against Tinubu.

4. One more thing the Vice President should put into consideration before running for president is his health. There is no doubt that the VP looks young and agile, but, the question is, will he be able to cope with the responsibilities that come with that office? He seems to me the best person for the post, but he knows himself better anyone does.

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