Married woman cries out in confusion because her side boyfriend whom she loaned N10m is cheating on her

A married woman is afraid of being dumped but the shocking part is that her fear is over her secret lover and not her husband.

She revealed that she has been cheating on her hubby for 2 years, and he may be suspecting her because she has been acting strange ever since she found out that her side boyfriend is cheating.

According to her, the boyfriend never knew that she was married for most part of their 2-year affair and when she told him about it, he started avoiding he.

The woman questioned his reason for avoiding her considering how she loaned him N10million to support his business.

She had also caught her boyfriend with another woman at an eatery and got physical with the lady. He later apologised and arranged to meet, but she expressed fear that he will dump her.

Read her write-up:

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