Zimbabwean couple gets back together after separating for 11 years

A lot can happen in 11 years.

Especially when it involves a woman and a man.

But a Zimbabwean couple realized that the 11 years they had spent apart defined them. They knew they wanted each other.

Cholomoni Wakina was reunited with his estranged wife of 11 years after the couple underwent counselling at Chief Makoni’s court in Rusape.



Wakina had approached the traditional court seeking a ‘‘divorce order’’ citing irreconcilable differences with Ivy Chiukira.

Wakina had told chief Makoni that his wife was in the habit of denying him his conjugal rights as she was sleeping with other men.

He also cited that their churches also affected their relationship as they have different doctrines. He goes to AFM while his wife is a Seventh Day Adventist.

He said after their separation, he looked for another wife.



He added that when his in-laws found out that he had taken another wife while still married to their daughter, they demanded his car. He obliged and he gave it to them.

In his ruling, Chief Makoni said his court does not facilitate divorce, but rather fosters harmony among married couples.

He referred the two to his wife for a counseling session.

The counselling session grew their bond even stronger. They came out of the counselling session which they had with Chief Makoni’s wife holding hands.

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